Personal Support at Home

Our aim is always to identify and meet the needs of each individual. As a dynamic and flexible provider of care, we have been able to support adults of all ages with many different needs and goals. This covers a range of specialist requirements, perhaps involving medical conditions or physical disabilities. Our role is to find out the level of support that is required and make sure that it’s there when it’s needed.

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What we do

At Care Resolution we like to keep the customer in control. Our award winning portal gives you absolute control of everything. You get to see exactly the support plan we have created, request amendment to anything that is not exactly correct. You get to see who is coming to support you and when they are due to come. You also get to retain a record of what time your support worker arrived and left. You and your family members can see the notes left by the carer about what they have done and communicate to the office about anything that you want.

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