With our Care Services, You are in control

We give you (and any of your representatives) direct access to a portal where you can approve and amend
your care plan at will. The portal gives you immediate real time access to your care schedule as well as
real time information on the carers arrival and departure times and the details of the activities that they
have undertaken.

You can communicate directly to the office and your carers and watch as we respond directly to you.

Securely share care plans and updates

  • have secure access to care plans, allowing you to be fully involved in your care
  • give peace of mind to your loved ones with live updates on the support that you are receiving
  • Set family and healthcare professionals up to receive updates when care visits have been completed or other criteria are met.

Streamline Communication

  • Give clients and funders restricted access to care schedules and timesheets, allowing them to monitor care delivered.
  • Allow them to update their information and access invoices, ensuring you have the right details and reducing admin time.” to “Allow them to update information and access invoices to reduce admin time and ensure you have the correct details.
  • Allow them to feedback on the service delivered, and track the progress of outcomes.

The Services We Provide

  • Sitting-in service
  • Escort service
  • Contact supervision
  • Residential agency cover
  • Support Services Including
    • Shopping
    • Domestic
    • Laundry/Ironing

How we can help

  • Simple things like bed making
  • Monitoring the heating and internal conditions throughout the year
  • Preparing and cooking meals (and even the washing up)
  • Shopping
  • General cleaning

Our Staff

Our Staff Are

Chosen by you

Trained (we are a training provider after all)

DBS Checked