Mission Statement:
Our mission statement is to provide the highest quality of care that we would expect for ourselves and our loved ones.

Our vision:
Through advanced technical support and personalised care our service is a seamless extension of our clients support network (family, friends and other professionals involved in the provision of support services).

To achieve this we will have

  • Genuine service user co-production of care plans and activities through rostering systems that enables service users to review, amend and communicate views on their care plans in real time
  • Carers that are highly trained, compassionate, flexible and are able to observe and report on their daily activities and the daily service users needs
  • Rostering Software to enable support worker and service users communications to be captured and shared with the service user and their representatives, managers and other connected parties
  • Managers and employees who are able to interpret the data received and respond to it, in conjunction with partners if necessary to address the needs of the service user in a timely manner
  • Systems that allow the quality of service for each service user and the contribution of every member of staff to be measured and presented in a transparent manner
  • Management commitment to gather and use data to drive improvement of the service

Our Values
Person Centred: We will place service users, families and carers at the centre of all our work. This will be reflected in our transparent and responsive two way communication with our service user and other professionals that we interact with in the provision of support to our service user

Evidence based quality assurance: Whilst we will not slavishly follow arbitrary numerical targets we will still aim to collect and use data as evidence to guide our provision and ongoing quality improvement. The data will act as a benchmark and as starting point for assessing and reviewing the quality of service that we are providing. Data will not substitute for thoughtful analysis and helpful leadership in order to achieve continual improvement of quality and productivity.

Learning Organisation: We will celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. We will develop ourselves to our maximum potential and support the service users to do likewise. Learning will be at the centre of our organisation

Partnership: We build long-term partnerships with co-workers, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders based on trust, openness, empathy and collaborative working. We work with people from all walks of life, all over the world, and truly appreciate the uniqueness of each and every individual. We measure our impact and seek regular feedback from clients and partners to ensure our frameworks, solutions and tools are providing practical value for clients and our working relations are constantly improving. Evaluation of our interventions is central to our achieving our vision of care.

Commitment: We will clearly define our employees’ permanent commitment to ever-improving quality and productivity, and our obligation to implement all of these principles. Implementation implies a dedication to action